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Fit for work? You'd better be

05 March 2011

Fit for work? You'd better be


With workloads and retirement age increasing, employers have never taken greater interest in their staff's health and wellbeing.  On the screen before me are eight traffic lights, each representing aspects of my personal wellbeing.  The bottom is a green sea of optimism – a maximum score of 100 for my weight, while my lifestyle and job satisfaction ratings are both also green-lighters. So far, so good.

But then, things go downhill. My sleep rating is just 47 out of 100 (that's an amber light), followed by 43, 39 and 32 for activity, stress and nutrition respectively. The worst is saved for the medical health category: a mere 28 out of 100, earning me a glaring red light with an exclamation mark in the middle. My overall health and wellbeing assessment is just 27 out of 100. By now, I'm half expecting the fire alarm to go off.


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