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Employers Can Help Nip Mental Illness in the Bud

01 May 2012

Employers Can Help Nip Mental Illness in the Bud


It's usually unemployment that's seen as the biggest threat to mental health.  Current economic pressures and uncertainties mean that more employees are struggling to cope.  Our figures show a steep increase in the number of people calling support lines for help with issues relating to mental health, up 70% between the same period in 2010 to 2012.

The figures are evidence of the cumulative effect of problems created by the recession.  What may have started as a fairly normal sense of insecurity that we can all feel, some added pressures, changes at work and financial worries, turns into more serious mental health issues over time.  In particular, long-term anxiety can result in problems with relationships at home and the usual structures of support and certainty can begin to buckle.

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