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More Employees Need Support at Christmas

14 December 2012

More Employees Need Support at Christmas

Christmas is a roller coaster season, heightening both people's fun and any anxieties.

Among employers the issue is usually one of hitting the right balance over celebrations: not wanting to be a Scrooge, but doing their best to avoid unnecessary dips in productivity (all those extended lunch hours for Christmas shopping, wasted days after parties the night before).

But employees who overdo the festivities is less of a problem. It's straightforward enough to remind staff of obligations and make sure managers set a good example. Much more difficult is managing people who are struggling because of personal issues brought into worrying focus in the run up to Christmas. Perhaps it's their first year without a loved one after a particularly painful bereavement, divorce or break-up. Maybe they can't afford to give their family the Christmas they want to after a spouse was made redundant. They could even be in the midst of yet another row, because of the decision to spend, or not to spend, the festive season with the in-laws. Whatever the reason, the pressure we all put on ourselves to have a perfect Christmas can, and certainly does, cause some people who might have been just about coping to suddenly feel overwhelmed and distressed.

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