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Having Fun In The Sun

17 July 2019

Having Fun In The Sun


At last the sun has come out! Holidays are approaching and it’s time to have some fun. The sun can improve our sense of wellbeing: just 15 minutes of sunlight on our skin per day gives us all the vitamin D we need. Have you noticed how people smile more when the sun shines? 

So have fun in the sun, but keep everyone safe from harmful UV rays. 

Use a sunscreen with a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15, preferably higher, especially for young children - or keep them covered 

Apply it at least every 2 hours, wherever the sun’s rays touch your skin - more regularly if you are swimming 

If you’re in the sun for long periods, cover up and wear a hat. Take breaks in the shade 

Remember to keep hydrated - a small cup of water every 15 minutes is recommended 


For more information read the Validium Summer Pack on vClub.