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Resilience - How To Bounce Back From Setbacks

10 May 2019

Resilience - How To Bounce Back From Setbacks


These can be caused by a wide variety of factors including increased work responsibilities, significant changes in our personal circumstances, or unexpected ill health, for example. Sometimes we can also be faced with the challenge of coping with several of these at once. 

Each of us will have a general idea of how we normally respond to pressure and what helps us cope, but different individuals will not all rely on the same resources. 

Whilst it would be impossible to avoid stress completely, what we can do is develop strategies that will help us to cope in a more robust way when something upsets our balance. It is important for our mental wellbeing therefore to consider the following: 

– What do we mean by ‘resilience’? 

– How can we build our individual resilience? 

– In what ways might this help us?