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17 March 2017

Are You Overdue An Emotional Spring Clean?

Just as our drawers, desks and cupboards can become disordered or jumbled with mess, so too can our emotional lives. Perhaps our thoughts have become cluttered with worries or littered with sources of stress and frustration that we could do with letting go of – if only we had a moment to stop and think about the emotional luggage we’re carrying around. Often it takes some kind of personal crisis to force us to take stock of the factors contributing to our emotional wellbeing and sense of self. However, by consciously reflecting on everything in our emotional kit bag before things get too much, we can identify not only what we need to let go, but also what we want to take its place. Only by proactively managing our mental health in ways like this, can we hope to start addressing the underlying issues now causing one in six of us to suffer stress-related depression or anxiety issues at any one time.

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