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30 August 2018

Are you letting your phone ruin your life?

Researchers in Canada have shown that mobile phone use is making us distracted, distant and drained. Diminishing our intellect and the quality of our personal relationships and putting our mental health at risk. We’ve now become so addicted to our smart phones, unlocking them an average of six to seven times an hour (that’s 80 times a day), that just having your phone in sight, even if it’s switched off, is enough to diminish cognitive capacity such as memory, empathy, reasoning and decision-making skills. If you’ve got to the point where you’re phone is controlling you, instead of you being in control of it, here are three ways to enjoy the benefits of having a smart phone, without it ruining your life…

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02 October 2015
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How many occasions at work call for cakes?

For some employees the never-ending supply of cakes turns into constant eating. The lure of the sticky, sweet things in the confined space of an office, all available between 9am and 5.30pm, is just t…

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