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Employee Assistance Programmes

In an ideal world, each and every employee would be able to leave their problems at home and focus 100% on their job.

An EAP is an invaluable tool for any organisation, ensuring that good mental health is promoted and facilitated, as well as minimising the impact of any external distractions on employees’ abilities to function or focus while at work.

Validium EAPs integrate several clinically proven counselling programmes with an array of specialist work/life services. Provided alongside a unique, proactive approach to account management and promotion, Validium delivers a service that is highly visible within the customer organisation, is trusted by employees, is fully utilised and, most importantly, provides great results for employees and consequently a real return on investment for the customer organisation.

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Customer Stories

RCN supports staff in and out of work

RCN supports staff in and out of work

“Employees now feel more supported than ever, which has had a positive impact on our business, enabling us to increase membership during a time of austerity.”

Deehan Cooper, HR Business Operations Manager at Royal College of Nursing 

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Minimise Workplace Absence

Minimise Workplace Absence

The Validium Group has the expertise to transform absent employees into productive workers. Long-term absence is a serious and expensive issue for employers.

Once an employee has been absent for six weeks, the chances of a return to work are halved, with feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety about going back often proving more debilitating than the original reason for absence.

Over half of all absent employees have been off work for more than six weeks.

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